About Quale Homes

delivering sought-after, high quality family homes

About Quale Homes

At Quale Homes we bring together over 40 years of Scottish house building experience and craftsmanship, from some of Scotland’s mostly highly skilled construction and property professionals, delivering the finest quality family homes throughout Scotland.

The experience of our professional team ensures that from the moment you walk into a Quale Home, your walking into a home tailored to your every need.

Our stunning specification ensures that your new home is built for life, delivering a contemporary lifestyle blended with outstanding value for money.

All of the properties in our bespoke collection are homes built for the future, which benefit from the latest environmental technology ensuring your property delivers you an economic lifestyle.

Our Commitment to you

Your home will forever be a representation of our service, build quality and craftsmanship, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with everything you need for your beautiful new home.

It can be a somewhat confusing & lengthy process, buying a new home. Here at Quale Homes, we will look after you from start to finish, and for the years after.

As simple as it sounds, our philosophy is all about you.

Throughout your entire journey and beyond, our highly experienced professional team will look after you and your family’s needs.

We cannot say it will be completely stress free, but we will lessen the tedious parts of buying a new home and be there for you throughout the entire journey to help provide peace of mind and ensure your move runs as smoothly as possible.

All our homes are expertly built using the best materials, suppliers all in accordance with all current regulations and legislation and come as standard with a 10-year Build Guarantee provided by Premier Guarantee, in conjunction with a 12-month maintenance period managed by our customer care team.